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Template:Infobox video game Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies is a video game released in 2004, based on the animated TV series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. In the game, the player controls Neutron in a quest to save Earth from the alien "Twonkies" using gadgets and inventions.

A disastrous mission to collect "scientific" mineral samples from the comet "Twonkus-3" ends with Neutron bringing back a strange life form. "Twonkies" seem like nice, small cuddly creatures. When nearly everyone in town owns one, however, it is discovered that exposure to rhythmic music turns them into tall, ferocious beasts. This causes disaster when a rock band arrives for an event. Neutron teams with his robot dog and his friends Carl and Sheen (who cannot sing) to combat the threat and save the town.

Although made after the Jimmy Neutron episode, "Attack of the Twonkies"' levels are designed with the same mechanics as the pilot movie, with Cindy having pigtails instead of a ponytail, the rocket, and the theme park "RetroWorld".


Review scores
Publication Score

PS2: 6.5 of 10[1]
GCN: 6.5 of 10[2]

Compilations of multiple reviews

PS2: 69.4% (based on 7 reviews)[3]
GCN: 65.7% (based on 7 reviews)[4]
GBA: 58.0% (based on 4 reviews)[5]


PS2: 65% (based on 8 reviews)[6]
GCN: 65% (based on 8 reviews)[7]
GBA: 56% (based on 4 reviews)[8]


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