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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion is a video game released in 2003 based on the animated TV series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius as well as the telefilm of the same name. In the game, the player controls Jimmy Neutron who has to save the movie star/spy Jet Fusion by using a variety of gadgets and inventions.

The next game in the Jimmy Neutron series is Attack of the Twonkies.


Jimmy has an assignment to write a book report, and Jimmy decides to invent the Virtual World Reproduction Machine (VWRM), a device that will show the class what the book is about like a movie. Jimmy places his Jet Fusion book into the machine and it malfunctions, thus turning Retroville into a virtual world. Then Professor Calamitous kidnaps Jet Fusion and it's up to Jimmy to save him. Throughout the game, the player has to collect pieces for major and minor inventions, which help Jimmy continue to the next level. The one major invention in each level helps defeat the boss in the boss level, while the one minor invention in each world helps Jimmy battle his enemies and various obstacles. The minor inventions also come with a primary and secondary action.


Review scores
Publication Score

PS2: 6.1 of 10[1]
GCN: 6.1 of 10[2]
GBA: 5.5 of 10[3]

Compilations of multiple reviews
Game Rankings

PS2: 55.6% (based on 5 reviews)[4]
GCN: 64.5% (based on 8 reviews)[5]
GBA: 57.8% (based on 5 reviews)[6]


GCN: 60% (based on 5 reviews)[7]